Rope Wire

This wire is High Carbon Steel Round Wire with duly Smooth Surface finish and manufactured from High Carbon Steel wire rod.
The wires are custom built to suit Customer’s actual requirement.
Application: This wire used in making Ropes of various sizes.


1 Size 0.30 mm to 3.20 mm
2 Tolerance ±0.010 mm ±0.030 mm
3 UTS (Kg/mm2) 1230 to 1770 N/mm2
3 Surface finish Smooth & Clean

The wires are generally supplied in Phosphated Drawn with Anti rust Oil Coating or as desired by the Customer.
Packing: The Weight & Coil specification can be adjusted to meet specific customer requirement. The Wire is packed with polythene and HDPE or as per customer’s need.
We specialize in supplying Rope wire to customer’s actual need.